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Post Info TOPIC: November 11 Issue


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November 11 Issue

As usual another infomative issue.

The Ethenol article is definately appropriate.  While I owned my 1982 Cougar station wagon I had constant issues with E10.  Although the fuel system suffered no damage due to the fuel it certainly posed other issues.

It seems that indeed the boiling point of the fuel and altitude at which I live had detremental effects.  No matter what the ambient temperature was about 2 minutes after I shut the engine off after operating at full temperature the fuel in the carburator bowl would boil over in to the carb throat via the bowl vent.  Unless I waited over 30 minutes to restart the car it was flooded.  It boiled over enough to puddle fuel in the intake manifold.  Due to the design of the inline six manifold there was never any evidence that the fuel was getting in to the cylinders statically.  I never experienced vapor lock however.  It would drive and idle all day long without issue.  I could even hear the fuel boiling in the carburator.  I tried several things to no avail.  I lowered the float, I retarded the timing in order to lower the operating temp.  Increased the jet size, raised the float to factory spec and nothing worked.  I later made a 3/8" thick isolation spacer and it did help some but only when the outside air temp was below 45*F. 

I took the car to a show in Buena Park, Ca. and it did not boil over after two hours of driving.  The only explanation is that Buena Park is at sea level.  Any time the car was operated at sea level did the carb never boil over.  I live at 2,200 feet and it was a daily occurance.

I determined that it was hopeless and could not be corrected with the E10 fuel.  I have numerous contacts with other carburated cars in many different configurations from 4 cylinder to inline 8 cylinder engines and all have the same issue.  It became enough of an issue for me that I've sworn off carburated cars and trucks.  I sold it to a fellow in Texas, not far above sea level.

I can imagine the frustration in obtaining all the correct materials, fuel hoses, diaphragms, fittings and compatable materials for any vintage auto so it can be compatible with ethenol.  While non-ethonol gasoline remains available around the country it is not always easy to find and certainly may not be convenient to drive long distances to get it. 

Here's a link.

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Interesting comments and experiences. Yes, ethanol definitely has a lower boiling point. I can see how that factor would be aggravated by elevation.

I have checked the link you provided in the past. Unfortunately, there are no pure-gas stations near me. If there where, I would be patronizing them with both my '62 Olds and my '55 Cad!

Come to think of it, there are also no Pure™ gas stations in my vicinity! smile


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